Easy Detox

I recently completed a home easy detox and I feel great.

Although I have completed simple detox’s in the past, I believe that eating well and supplying your body with the best possible nutrients is a full time project and not a one off, specific regime within a defined timescale.

However, at the time when Amrita approached me, I had been feeling like I had lost my way with my nutritional values.  Foods were slipping into my every diet, that a year ago I would never have considered eating on a regular basis.  Since I had stopped breast feeding wine was making a regular appearance.  None of this was ideal and I was feeling tired and stressed and not at my happiest.

For me, The Amrita Easy Detox acted as a kind of ‘reset’.  It jolted me back to myself and helped me remember who I am.  It would happily recommend it for people who are wanting to kick start weight loss or make significant lifestyle changes.

How It Works

I love my food and with the Amrita Easy Detox, you do not need to fast or to limit the amount of food that you eat.  It does ask for you to avoid all the dietary nasties, as well as foods that are considered potentially higher in toxins.  This means no sugar, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, meat, dairy, fried foods nor tinned foods.  All good right?  Because what this basically means is that your diet will consist of really fresh, nutrient dense, plant based foods.

Along with the recommended diet, Amrita supplies you with herbal sachets to be taken over the course of the detox.  The sachets contain 16 herbal ingredients that support liver function including cinnamon, Thai ginger, lemongrass and tamarind.

Amrita Detox meThe Good News

I have teamed up with Amrita to offer all my clients and followers discounted rates for the programme.  Click here for the deal.  Let me know how you get along!