Clean Eating

Published on: Author: Healthy Dynamic

Although I am a Nutritional Therapist and know more than anyone how to eat well, I can also slip up.  I have just returned from a beautifully sunny vitamin D drenched holiday in Europe.  I felt alive and energised from the lack of stress and the copious amounts of sunshine but one essential element was wrong.  I was eating crap.  It is fair enough to know how to eat well on the go in your own country but when you are abroad it is another matter.  So what do people eat?  It seems to me that universally the answer is wheat, cheese and tomatoes.  Whether it’s in the shape of a baguette, a pizza or a bowl of pasta, this stodge is EVERYWHERE, so much so that you start to believe that it is normal to eat that much of it.  When I got home I knew that the fatigue I felt was not just from the travelling but from the fact that I had not been supplying my body with the fresh, natural, nutrient dense food it deserves.

So this is where eating clean comes shining back into my life.  People will have different definitions, but to me it means the following:

  1. Eating fresh, nutrient dense, unsullied foods that originate from a farm.
  2. Ensuring a variety of colourful vegetables at every meal.
  3. Drinking lots of water every day over any other drink.
  4. Cooking your own food.  If you don’t know how then learn.  You will never regret having this skill.
  5. Never adding sugar to your drinks or your foods.  Sugar makes you fat and addicted to bad foods that make you unwell.
  6. Never eating processed meats.  The only reason that they are palatable is because they have chemical additives and industrial amounts of salt to make resemble real food.
  7. If it says it is ‘low fat’ then it is very likely to be high sugar.  Don’t eat it.
  8. If it is deep fried then it will be drowning in bad fats that are toxic to your body.  Don’t eat it.
  9. If it comes from a factory or has an advert it is fake food.  Don’t eat it.

It’s basic stuff really, but eating clean really will help you stay happy, healthy, strong and fit.

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