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I’m actually running the Brighton half marathon…

It takes 30 days to break a bad habit and 90 days to create a healthy sustainable alternative.

I have numbers!

I am running the half marathon in six days time. I still kinda can’t believe this. One year ago I was a complete novice runner with no intention of running more than 5k. Then I shared a drive to the Peak District with two friends who are running the actual marathon (again) and something shifted. The following week I challenged myself and ran 10k. This was the furthest I had ever run in my life and it felt pretty great. The week after I signed up for the Brighton half marathon. I have always trusted in my body’s ability to adapt and to strengthen but I have never done anything like this before and yet somehow, I put in the hours and I got here and I am ready.

Running is free and is a form of exercise that can fit around sporadic childcare options. Pounding the street listening to music and interesting podcasts is also great for my mental health. Yesterday I realised something else, that after three months training, I have created myself an actual solid lifestyle change. A small positive shift in behaviour can reap big rewards people!

New Year – old me?

I have been reflecting recently on my nutrition journey, on how I began, where it has led me and where the hell I am heading next (I am still working on that bit). Life changes and moves on and so can your life’s focus too. When I first began this journey for example, when I was studying at ION, I knew with certainty, that I would NEVER give my unborn child processed food, I held within me a quiet smugness that I absolutely knew best and that my child would be shielded from the evils of factory made foods FOREVER. And this is how it began; I home made her baked beans with cinnamon, nutmeg and paprika, I cooked her beautiful dals flavoured with turmeric and therapeutic spices and herbs. In the first years of her life she never ate a shop bought baby food. Her lips were never sullied with toast and she had never tasted milk from a cow.

What I didn’t see coming at that point was LIFE. I was working the day job, I had my nutrition work, I became pregnant and had another baby (how exhausting was that little sentence in reality!) and the end result was that I absolutely couldn’t keep up with the perfection of it all. I needed to eat well of course and I still do, but I had to nourish myself in a holistic way. I needed to make time to see my friends, to walk on the beach, to dig the allotment and to make time for health emotionally, physically and socially. This was all over and above pure nutrition.

Play dates and parties happened, impurities were introduced. Chocolates and crisps (god I love crisps) became part of our (occasional) lives. Tinned baked beans started to make a regular appearance, and she started to turn her nose up at the dal. We experimented with (and she of course, LOVED) good quality fish fingers. I had to look for quicker more life friendly alternatives and slowly my life came more on a par with other mums. I found just enough time and energy to fit it all in. For a while I shouldered the guilt and felt like I had failed in some way and then slowly with the odd bite here and the leftover one there, I started to join her.

I guess what I am trying to say is this. That even after all my years of nutrition training, after all my years of eating super healthily; what I have learned is that it’s absolutely OK to eat fish finger sandwiches sometimes. In fact, eating fish finger sandwiches again, After perhaps a 20 year gap, is one of the unexpected joys of being a mum and being where I am in my life right now. I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

In the good old days, when green smoothies ruled with the little ones.

Three simple ways to increase your fruit and vegetables

Published on: Author: Healthy Dynamic

Plant based diets are best. This is regardless of whether you chose supplement dairy, meat/and or fish on top.  The main emphasis should be to eat copious amounts of unprocessed, fresh vegetables in their natural form.  The recommended 5 a day is in reality, woefully inadequate.  We need to aim for something closer to 10 vegetables and… Continue reading