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Post Workout Nutrition

Published on: Author: Healthy Dynamic

If you get your post workout nutrition right then you will have: Improved recovery Less muscle soreness Increased ability to build muscle Improved immune function Improved bone mass Improved ability to utilize body fat  Here are my nutritional tips to maximise results from regular exercise. Eat enough – even if you are trying to lose weight,… Continue reading

Calorie counting doesn’t work

Published on: Author: Healthy Dynamic

Counting calories has long been accepted as the only way to measure food intake and subsequently lose weight.  However, experts are starting to agree that not all calories are made equal.  Foods containing ’empty calories’ are simply supplying energy to our bodies with no benefits in the form of vital nutrients whatsoever, an example might… Continue reading

Traditional Mediterranean Diet and the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Published on: Author: Healthy Dynamic

The traditional Mediterranean diet really does work. Research proves this time and time again. In a nutshell the Mediterranean diet is is defined by high intake of fruits, nuts, vegetables, legumes, fish and seafood (dependent on proximity to sea), and cereals; a low intake of meat, meat products and dairy. It has a high ratio… Continue reading