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Nutrients for Male Fertility

Published on: Author: Healthy Dynamic

Since the 1940s sperm count in men has reduced by around 50%. There are several potential reasons for this decline which include environmental toxins, environmental oestrogens and the prevalence of smoking. Traditionally foods to increase male potency have included oysters, red meat, nuts & seeds and beans. The one thing that all these foods have… Continue reading

The nutrient that everyone needs – omega 3

Published on: Author: Healthy Dynamic

I am quite regularly asked if I can recommend one thing to improve overall health and well-being. Of course this is a difficult question because we are all unique individuals with different bodies, lives, expectations, and genetic make-up. This aside, there is one nutrient that is pretty much deficient in everyone and incredibly important in just… Continue reading

Five Good Reasons to Eat Nuts

Published on: Author: Healthy Dynamic

Nuts Nuts in their unsalted/unroasted form are extremely healthy. This is largely due to the ‘healthy’ poly and mono-unsaturated fats that they contain. The traditional Mediterranean diet is known to be protective of the cardiovascular system and to increase longevity in general (more on this another day). This is due to a significant extent; to… Continue reading